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Chillitalk Testmonial
Top voice, excellent app

“I did not believe ChilliTalk app was different from any other crappy talk app in the Google Play store. Boy, was I wrong. The voice quality is what stood out for me in this app was the outstanding voice clarity. My dad from back home in Galle sounded as if he was in the next room! Five stars – ChilliTalk for me from now on!”

a_Gama21 Testmonials

Thanks Chillitalk

“Thanks Chillitalk – I am at uni in the UK and my mum in Nabadwip (in West Bengal – India, people!!!) gets worried about me – her little girl away from home! Now she has our local Chillitalk number on speed dial on her land phone – she calls me all the time. Only wish I could tell her that morning at home is too early here… sigh!


Chillitalk is coool! And HOT!

“No dropped calls, no connection problems – and low cost. Whether Wi-Fi or my local data minutes, I can stay in touch with everyone in Abuja thru Chillitalk – cool! And man, the app is real hot, like its name!”

Bisi Omasili Testmonials