FAQ – ChilliTalk Local Access Numbers

What are ChilliTalk local numbers?

ChilliTalk local numbers are phone numbers assigned to each international contact you add in your ChilliTalk account. By using local numbers you only pay your operator‘s normal price of a local call and a small fee to us for the international part of the call.

How do I use ChilliTalk local numbers?

You need to register your landline or mobile phone with ChilliTalk. You can add up to 50 international contact numbers in your account. For each international contact, you will be assigned a unique local number. You can then call your contacts by simply dialling this number from any of your registered phones.

Why should I use local numbers?

Local numbers are a great way to make cheap international calls from your landline or mobile phone. You can save up to 50 local numbers and use them whenever you want. Local numbers let you make cheap international calls easily – no smartphone, apps or internet needed!

How many local numbers can I have?

You can save up to 50 local numbers. The number of available local numbers may be fewer in some countries.

Can I use my local numbers while travelling abroad?

Yes, but remember that local numbers can only be used in the country they were created for. If you change countries, you’ll need a number which is local to that country. To do this, login to your account and ChilliTalk will give you new numbers for your new location. Remember that you can only use local numbers from your registered phone, so you may need a SIM card from the country you’re in to avoid roaming charges. Or simply download our free Chillitalk App and make calls via Wi-Fi by switching to "Travel Mode" to avoid roaming charges.

Can I get local numbers for every country in the world?

No. Please see our list of countries for which you can get local numbers.