ChilliTalk Android, iPhone & Windows Phone Apps

What is the ChilliTalk app?

The ChilliTalk App gives you a fast and convenient way to make super-cheap international calls. What’s more, calls between ChilliTalk App users are completely FREE through Wi-Fi. The sound quality is crystal clear and you can call your friends and family with just a few touches on your smartphone.

Which devices can I use with the App?

You can use the ChilliTalk app with iPhones/iPad and Android phones. Windows Phone is coming soon.

Do I need Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G to use the app?

No, although we recommend using Wi-Fi to connect your calls if possible. Bear in mind your mobile provider may charge you for using the 3G/4G network. Calls to other ChilliTalk App users are also completely free!

You can change your call settings to connect via your local minutes, or over Wi-Fi/3G/4G or use your local minutes. To do this, tap on the icon at the Top of the menu screen “Call Mode”, and select the option you would like to use.

Does the app use my plan’s included minutes?

Make sure you set the option “Call Mode” to Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi/3G/4G in order to connect using (a) wireless network/mobile data . If you’re using the local option your operator will charge you for a local call according to your normal tariff.

Can I use the app with more than one device?

You can use the app with up to 5 devices at any one time.

Calling through the app

To place a call through the app, tap on the contact you wish to call and then tap on the call icon. Your call will be connected according to the type of connection you have chosen (Local minutes or Wi-Fi/3G/4G).

Sending an SMS through the app

There are two ways to send an SMS. You can either:
1. In Contacts tap on the contact, you wish to send an SMS to, and then tap on the “SMS” icon to the right of the number. Type your message and press the “Send” button.


2. Select “Messages” from the sliding menu and tap on the “Compose” icon. Enter the international number you want to send an SMS to, type your message and press “Send” Icon.

You will be able to see the cost of your SMS below the phone number field.

Making free calls through the app

Calls between ChilliTalk users are free. To make a free call, select “Contacts” from the menu and tap on the contact you wish to call. If your contact is a ChilliTalk user, you will see the option “Free Call” with "Chilli" icon.

Your free call will get connected via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G as long as you have one of these options enabled. Note that if you have enabled the “local” option you will be charged the price of a local call by your operator.

You can make free calls to anyone who has a ChilliTalk app, whether they are using it on Android or iPhone.

iOS version required for iPhone app

The Chillitalk iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

OS version required for the Android app

The Android app requires at least Android 2.3.3 or better.

Can I add a new registered number through the app?

If you’d like to add a new registered number, please login to your account on our website. Select “My Registered Number” from the menu and fill in the details so don’t hesitate to make the most of the Chilitalk service. Also, you can always change the number you prefer to use so don’t hesitate to make most of the  Chillitalk service right now.