FAQ – Get Help With Your ChilliTalk Account Access Code

What is an access number?

This is a number you can dial from any phone that you haven’t registered with ChilliTalk. You can select an access number by logging in to My Account on our website.

How do I make a call using an access number?

First, choose an access number which is local to you. To do this, log in to My Account and select Access Numbers. After dialling your access number, you will be prompted to dial your 11-digit account access code. You can view this under the menu on each page in My Account. Finally, dial the international number you wish to call using the full international prefix.

Why should I use an access number?

If you don’t have your registered phone with you, access numbers are an easy and convenient way to make cheap international calls from any other phone.

Do I need to register my phone?

No. You can make calls using an access number from any phone. However, when you register your number you won’t need to use an access number or account access code, so it will be even easier.

Can I use an access number to call from any phone?

Yes, you can. You just need to make sure you have the correct access number local to you and your account access code.

Where can I see a list of cities that have ChilliTalk access numbers?

ChilliTalk offers access numbers for mobiles and landlines in 50 countries worldwide. Follow the link to see ChilliTalk Access Numbers.