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Use a ChilliTalk Local Number

You can use ChilliTalk local numbers from your regular mobile or landline - from any of the countries listed below, and save money when calling your loved ones abroad. Create a number that's local to you, but mapped to an international number in 70 countries, and you can call them just like you would any other local number. Just use your regular operator to dial your ChilliTalk local number, and then follow the instructions. Alternatively, download the ChilliTalk app for your iPhone or Android phone to connect with friends and family at the touch of a button.

Don't see your country in the list below? No problem, you can still use ChilliTalk to make cheap international calls from anywhere in the world with the ChilliTalk app.

Why waste money on complicated and inconvenient calling cards? Just call abroad the easy way! 

Make local calls to international numbers in the following countries