Low cost International Calls

If you want to make low cost international calls the simple way – and let’s face it who wouldn’t – you want ChilliTalk. If there’s an easier and cheaper way to contact your loved ones living overseas it hasn’t been invented yet.

So many ways to save money on international calls.

The great advantage of ChilliTalk isn’t just that it makes it easy to make affordable international calls. It makes it easy to call abroad your way, because it can save you money on whatever device you prefer to call, in whichever way you like. Androids, iPhones, Landlines, PCs, mobiles-you name it, ChilliTalk can make it cheap and easy to call abroad with it!

International calls couldn’t be simpler.

Use the App. It’s simple to download, and you can register and be ready to start saving money on calls abroad in under a minute. You can also use local numbers. They’re simple too, and let you make international calls abroad for less just by dialling a number. The best bit is you can use your landline and your mobile device from the same account. All you have to do is register your numbers. That means for example that you can call abroad for less at home on your landline, on the go from your mobile and at your work on your PC.

You can also register your family’s numbers too. So your partner and your children can take advantage of our fantastic low cost international calls as well.

Making cheap international calls from your mobile or landline.

It’s as easy as picking up your phone and dialling.

Just sign up and register the number of your loved ones abroad. Then we’ll assign a local number for you to use when you want to call. Save it to your phone and use that instead of the international number you normally use.

You’ll be astonished by how much money you save. You’ll be equally amazed how easy it is to do. It works with any type of phone, landline or mobile.