Use the ChilliTalk App to call abroad

  • Call using WiFi, 3G, 4G/LTE or your local minutes and save money immediately
  • Cheap international calls at unbeatable prices
  • No need to change your existing phone, SIM or contract
  • Enjoy crystal-clear sound quality during your calls.
  • FREE calls to other ChilliTalk App users
  • Avoid Roaming charges when you make calls abroad

ChilliTalk App works on WiFi/3G/4G/LTE or local calls to make cheap international calls.

The ChilliTalk App makes it convenient for you to call abroad from anywhere. When you dial an international number your App will be in WiFi mode. If WiFi is not available the App will switch to a local number dialing facility which connects to your International Contacts at low cost ChilliTalk rates plus your mobile provider’s local rates. These calls are usually included in your free minutes.

Alternatively, if you have unlimited data, you can tap the call mode button to switch your App to 3G/4G/LTE when WiFi isn’t available.

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Making cheap international calls on your iPhone is easy with ChilliTalk

All you have to do to take advantage is to download the ChilliTalk App on your phone. It really is that simple.

  • There’s no need to change your provider or your SIM card. You can stick with your existing mobile network and your existing contract – but you don’t have to be stuck with expensive overseas calls.
  • Just download the App and sign up to ChilliTalk. Now you can make cheap international calls from anywhere.
  • Your App works over WiFi unless the signal is unavailable, in which case it switches to Local Minutes. It’s just as convenient and cheap as making a local call even though you’re contacting an international number.
  • You can contact other ChilliTalk App users free, anywhere in the world. So why talk when you can ChilliTalk?