Make free calls from your computer to Nigeria!

Remember when you had to use international calling cards to phone back home to Nigeria? With the emergence of free calling and the age of the internet, it can seem a long time ago!

Making free calls from your computer to Nigeria is one of the most popular ways of talking to people back home. Although with so many of us now using smartphones and wanting to talk on the move, is there still a place for calling from our computer?

The answer is a resounding yes! With our help, we’ll show you the simplest (and cheapest!) ways to make calls to anyone in Nigeria from your computer.


Making calls from your computer – a popular Nigerian choice

Using computers and laptops to make telephone calls has always been a popular way of calling home to Nigeria.

With an estimated Diaspora population of around 17million[1], there are huge numbers of Nigerians abroad that need to keep in contact with people back home.


Landlines? What landlines?

Only one per cent of households in Nigeria possess a landline telephone connection[2]. With the development of smartphones, this number is set to decrease further.

Before smartphones became readily available, free calls from computers proved to be the main rival to traditional calling cards. Making free calls from your computer to Nigeria is still popular; but we want to be able to connect with smartphones so we can reach people when we’re up and about.

Calling from one computer to a friend or family member’s computer in Nigeria is fine – but what about when we want to call people on the move? In today’s world, we’re often always on the move. This means our free computer calls from Nigeria need to be able to connect with smartphones anywhere in the world.


So what’s the best software for me to use?

There is an abundance of free calling software to make calls from your computer to mobile phones in Nigeria. In an extremely saturated market, however, it’s vital you pick the right software to avoid poor call quality.

One of the most popular free calling applications is Skype. Widely supported, and already used by many, Skype is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phones – meaning you can call other users’ mobiles straight from your desktop.

Facebook’s Messenger app is also an increasingly popular choice. Similarly available on all three major mobile platforms: desktop users can make a free call to Nigeria by clicking the camera icon in a contact’s chat box. If the recipient’s a smartphone user, they’ll need the application installed to receive free calls on the move.


Are there any disadvantages?

One of the major downsides with Skype and Messenger is their reliance on the internet. You are unable to connect from your computer to a smartphone user, if the smartphone user is not connected to the internet.

Skype allows users to purchase credit to make calls to normal cellular numbers. Their pricing ranks unfavourably when compared to other providers such as ChilliTalk – Skype charges 2.5p/min to call Nigeria, compared with 1.9p/min with ChilliTalk. Users with ChilliTalk can also make free calls from their computer to smartphones in Nigeria (when connected to the internet).


If you’re looking to make free calls from your computer to Nigeria, it’s important that you pick flexible software to fit your needs.

Although voice calls are free from user to user, it’s important to consider how often your family or friends can connect to the internet. But no matter what software you choose to use, making free calls to Nigeria has never been easier!