Discover the cheapest VoIP apps to call India

Are you working away from your loved ones in India? Looking for the cheapest way to chat and let them know how you’re getting on? If so, then the chances are you’ve heard about VoIP apps – if not, now is the perfect time to learn more!

VoIP (short for ‘Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows users to make telephone calls over the internet. It’s extremely simple to use and cost-effective – with a staggering 90 per cent of users noticing a drop in the cost of their communications[1] compared to traditional means of calling.

And for the millions of Indians living and working abroad, VoIP is proving immensely popular!


VoIP – the smarter way to call back to India

With an estimated 25 million Indians thought to be living abroad as of 2012[2], that makes for a huge number of people living far away from their hometowns, villages and cities.

And although some may only be settled in countries such as neighbouring Nepal, many are situated in countries as far flung as Canada and Australia!

No matter where you might currently be situated, making cheap calls back home is crucial. And the unique cost model of VoIP makes it ideal to use for long chats with people back in India.


How it works

- Device: You will need either a computer, smartphone, or other device that’s capable of connecting online, as the service works by connecting you to the internet. For smartphones, apps are available across all major platforms.

- Connection: Your device now has to be capable of making an internet connection.  If you have a smartphone, this doesn’t mean you need to have a mobile data plan – if you have access to WiFi, you can use this to connect as and when you need to.

- Service: Most providers (such as ChilliTalk, Skype, Viber and KakaoTalk) provide you with a free download for their application. When you launch these applications for the first time, you are able to register for their services – this will require an email address.


Can I call anyone on any device?

Yes – but it might not always be for free.

If you’re using Skype, for example, and you’re calling your friend who also uses Skype, this will cost nothing. If you wish to call another friend on their landline number, then this will cost you at the operator’s rate per minute.

It’s also worth noting that you will be unable to call users on another service — so if you’re using Skype but your friend is using Viber, you will not be able to call.


Is there a way for me to call landlines & mobiles via VoIP?

Some providers, like us at ChilliTalk, offer free VoIP calls and an alternative function that allows you to call anyone you like.

If you use our ChilliTalk app, you have the option to utilise a low-cost ‘local dialling’ feature. This temporarily turns your number into one local to the region you wish to call – handy for when you do not have access to the internet on your phone or computer.


Even though international calling cards might seem like the easiest option, VoIP calls are fast replacing them. Combining amazing call quality with a range of effective functions, VoIP apps offer the most effective way of calling India!