3 of the best VoIP apps for calling Nigeria

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps mean that you can send free calls and texts over the internet for free. They’re rapidly replacing traditional phonecalls as more and more people come online. Even if you want to make international calls, VoIP apps are the way to go – there’s no difference between talking to someone next door than there is in calling someone back home in Nigeria.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best apps currently on the market. Which one comes out ahead?



Hangouts was developed by Google as an app that lets you send messages and make video and voice calls. It’s available to use across a variety of platforms and has over a million downloads. When people talk about VoIP calls, Hangouts will often be the example given.

It’s a well-known, reliable app with a lot of users, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. When you use it to make international calls, you’ll often find that the video-quality isn’t good, the connection is bad and the line is often dropped. When there are better choices out there, why settle for less.



Viber handles all the functionality we’ve come to expect from VoIP apps – video chats, texting, IMs and voice chat. It already has a large fan base and is rapidly becoming even more popular. Again, this leads people to choose Viber without really considering its downfalls.

Many users complain of messages being delaying or getting lost. As well as that, you can only contact other Viber users through it for free. Its call rates can be expensive too.



We developed this app specifically for those who live abroad and need to call their family and friends fairly often. Maintaining the lowest international rates is what we do.

Not only do we provide you with the lowest rate international calls but we match the services of the other two – IM, texting, video calls. Great call-quality and easy usability, what more could you want! Stay in the know and never miss the latest deals and offers for every country – including Nigeria – on the app.


So, the best free VoIP app for calling Nigeria has to be ChilliTalk!