What’s the best way to send a free text to India?

Did you know that the distance between Manchester and Mumbai is 7,045 miles? If you’re one of the many people who have moved to the UK from India, you’ll know that when it comes to keeping in touch with your family, every single one of those miles counts – and can cost you.

Texting is probably the easiest, quickest way of keeping in touch. With only a few characters you can reach your loved ones, and let them know how you are. If you lead a busy life, you’ll often find that text messages are your main form of contact.

However, the traditional way of sending texts – using your mobile credit or data plan – can be troublesome and costly. It’s so easy to go over your data allowance, especially when sending texts abroad. Even the standard rates of international texts are pricey.


Alternative solutions

A great alternative solution to text messages are IMs (Instant Messages). These are messages sent instantly and for free over an internet connection. The benefits of IMs are that you never have to worry about the cost, and often you can also send videos, pictures and other documents over whatever service you’re using for IMs. Let’s have a look at some of the main competitors offering IM services.

- Messenger - This service has recently become separate from Facebook, so you no longer need an account to use it. However, if your family do not use Facebook they are unlikely to have this app.

- Whatsapp – Whatsapp is available across most operating systems. However, even though its initial usage is free, after a year you have to pay to use it.

- Kik – Kik is very similar to Whatsapp, but you don’t have to start paying after the first year. A standard, reliable service. The downside is you can’t use Kik from your PC.


A more sensible solution

Try out ChilliTalk – it’s a multi-platform app that lets you send both IMs and texts from your phone and computer. With just this one app you can text, IM, and make phone and video calls. Everything sent online is free and texts and phonecalls are incredibly cheap – from 1p/min to 5p/text. You can store all of your contacts on the ChilliTalk app then switch between using WiFi or your data plan with just a swipe of a button! Contact anyone anywhere, wherever you are!