How to send a free online text to Bangladesh

Did you know there are several ways you can send a free online text to Bangladesh? And, no matter which smartphone you use, your loved ones will be able to read what you have to say in seconds – at absolutely no added cost?

Well, it’s true! And with our help, we’ll show you exactly how you can keep friends and family updated with your life through free online texts!


Why do we send so many texts to Bangladesh?

Whether you come from Dhaka or Chittagong, home can often feel a long way away for Bangladeshi immigrants around the world. And for the many of us that are living busy lives, sometimes it simply isn’t possible to sit down and have a long phone call with our family.

That’s why text messages are so important for keeping in touch with those that we care about. In a few sentences, we can let people know we’re OK, what we’re doing and if there are any new developments.

One of the other key plus points about sending texts to Bangladesh is that they’re low cost. But if you’re with the wrong network or carrier, even a few text messages can sometimes become extremely expensive.


So what’s the difference with a normal text and an online text message?

The main difference between sending a normal text and an online text to Bangladesh is in the way that we send them.

Normal text messages – these can be sent over traditional GSM networks, with one text usually equal to 160 characters. Sent from one mobile to another, normal text messages do not require the use of the internet or a data plan to work.

Online text messages – the main difference between these and normal text messages is that online text messages are sent via the internet rather than a traditional GSM network. Although you will need access to WiFi or a data plan to send them, these messages are instant and often work out cheaper in the long term.


What’s the easiest way to send an online text to Bangladesh?

Sending online messages is free, simple and easy: follow these quick steps to send your first online text to Bangladesh today.

  1. Download the ChilliTalk app from Google Play or App Store today
  2. Sign up by following the easy instructions on the app homepage
  3. Ensure your friends and family are also using the ChilliTalk app
  4. Import your contacts from your phonebook
  5. Ensure you have a WiFi or internet connection
  6. Open a new online text (also called an ‘instant message’ or ‘IM’)
  7. Write your message and press send!

And that’s all it takes – in just seven easy steps, you can be sending free online texts to Bangladesh!

Although there will always be a place for normal text messages, online texts are very much the future. Helping you to keep connected with those you miss most, it’s never been easier to send a free online text to Bangladesh – meaning you can talk to whoever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you are in the world!