Find out how to send a free text to Nigeria!

Text messages remain one of the most important forms of communication on the planet today. In a world where we can make video calls, share pictures and talk on the internet, text messages are still the quickest and easiest form of communication.

So if you’re looking to send a text to family back at home in Nigeria, you’ll want to find the cheapest possible option. And with the right applications, you won’t have to spend a single penny!

There are several options available to users wanting to send a free text to Nigeria. As one of the UK’s leading international telecoms experts, here at ChilliTalk we’re best placed to help you find the best app!


Why text messages are still so important

We now enjoy more choice than ever when it comes to keeping in contact with people back in Nigeria. Whether we want a long catch-up with the family or a quick chat with a friend on the way back from work, there are lots of different ways we can communicate with loved ones.

Although, with all of us living busier lives than ever before, nothing resonates quite like sending an SMS message.

We often simply don’t have the time to make lengthly calls back home. Whether it’s to keep parents updated about how work’s going or a catch-up with friends, finding the time to call during the working week can be tough.

This is why text messages are still so important. Even something as simple as wishing somebody a happy birthday becomes a lot easier when using the SMS.


Avoiding costly SMS charges to Nigeria

One aspect that often puts us off when it comes to sending text messages to Nigeria, is the spiralling costs of doing so.

Using your current carrier to send texts back to Nigeria is a common mistake that many people make. For example, if you were using your Vodafone SIM in the UK or a Verizon SIM in the United States, sending a text to Nigeria could be extremely expensive – with only 40 texts costing as much as £9.60[1].

International calling cards are a popular alternative to expensive local carriers. Yet while they are certainly cheaper, they prove an extremely inconvenient way of sending a text to Nigeria.

Gaining access to the cheap rates these cards offer often comes at a high up-front cost. For example, although a text message may only cost 6p, you usually need to invest in a minimum denomination of around £10 to acquire one.

That means even if you only want to send a few quick texts to Nigeria each week, you’ll have to spend nearly triple the cost just to buy the card in the first place.


Discover a way to send free texts to Nigeria

Sending text messages to Nigeria doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

With more of us using the data on our call packages to connect with friends and family than ever before, we’re now able to use VoIP apps to stay in touch.

VoIP (or ‘Voice over Internet Protocol) is an app that used the internet to make calls and texts, instead of traditional phone networks. As a result, calls and texts are a lot cheaper. In some instances, they are even free!

Take ChilliTalk for example: this app allows people to send unlimited text messages to other users free of charge. And when you’re not able to access the internet, users can send texts from as low as 5p/text!


Send texts to Nigeria the easy way!

Sending texts to Nigeria doesn’t need to be hard or expensive. Download ChilliTalk today, and start sending free text messages to your friends and family in Nigeria!