Discover the best way to send cheap texts from the USA

Many people move to America to find new jobs, start a new life or for personal reasons, but this will always mean they’re leaving others they know and care about back home. Sometimes the easiest thing to do to be able to keep in touch with family is to choose the most popular mobile-provider to send texts.

However, this isn’t always the best option. You’ll soon find that sending international texts can be extremely expensive. If you wish to send more than a few texts here and there, it quickly adds up. Providers such as Verizon or Sprint are advertised a lot but they don’t have the cheapest calling and SMS rates.


There is another way!

Take a look at ChilliTalk. Our smartphone app is compatible with almost any device – including your PC! Amongst the wealth of choice, ChilliTalk offers the most flexibility. You can check the latest SMS prices to the USA and, if you decide to buy, top-up your credit within seconds.

Not only that, but ChilliTalk also offers VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls. By connecting to the internet, you can send messages and make calls for free to other ChilliTalk users.

It’s so simple to use, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it. Connectivity is great and it gives you the freedom to send as many texts as you want without worrying about the cost!


Send texts with the ChilliTalk app –

- Download the app to your smartphone or PC

- Register and sign in

- Sync your contacts with the ChilliTalk app

- Check your credit. Everyone gets freebies for signing, but if you want more credit you can easily top-up

- Check the SMS rates of the country you want to text

- Select the contact you wish to text


It’s as easy as that! Don’t stick to expensive charges when you can have cheaper; don’t talk when you can ChilliTalk.