The top 5 free iPhone apps to call home to Nigeria

 Are you looking for a free app to call Nigeria on the iPhone? Unsure where to begin or what to download?

Don’t worry! Here at ChilliTalk we’re telecommunications experts. Drawing on years of experience, we know the ins and outs of the free calling app market. Read on to learn more about five of the most popular iPhone calling apps!

We’ll be focusing on these top iPhone apps:

- Viber

- WeChat

- Hangouts

- ChilliTalk

- KakaoTalk

London to Lagos might be a massive 4292 miles in distance but with the help of some of these apps, you can help make that distance disappear.



Upside:  If you’re looking for more than just a free app to call Nigeria, this is a great choice for you. Featuring a whole load of fun features, games and stickers, KakaoTalk is a lot more than just a free calling app.

Downside: If your friends and family back in Nigeria aren’t using the app, they won’t be able to talk to you. KakaoTalk is unable to make calls to landlines and non-users.



Up side: One of Google’s premier apps which features some really interesting ways of keeping you connected with those you love. Its reliable text service allows you to chat with people all over the globe via SMS and email.

Downside: At the time of writing, video calling functionality isn’t available in Nigeria.



Up side: It's available across the world and is incredibly popular in many regions. Its iOS app is well designed and a lot less likely to crash than many of its more popular rivals.

Downside: If you’re not making calls to numbers/people without the app, you may find yourself paying more per minute than comparable rivals*.



Upside: Our app ChilliTalk offers users completely free calls and texts to other users. Additionally, users can also make calls back to Nigeria for an impressive 1.9¢/min to landlines. So whether you have access to the internet on your Smartphone or not, you can always make a call home.

Downside: We can't find any faults with it — If you can though, we'd love to hear.

If you’re looking to find a free call app for Nigeria, it’s clear to see iPhone users are spoiled for choice. The downside to the vast majority of these apps though is that they require both users to have the application on their phone in order to make free calls. This perhaps gives our app ChilliTalk the slight edge: allowing you to switch to local dialling for extremely low cost calls.

Try them all out and see for yourself. Be sure to take advantage of the power of free iPhone calling apps!