How to make cheap international calls without WiFi

Calling apps are certainly popular these days. Unfortunately, there are downsides to using them: you must have a WiFi signal to make calls being one which crops up frequently. For those who travel often and those who are making calls to countries with spotty internet service, this can make communicating a nightmare.

ChilliTalk believes that communication should be baggage-free and that international calls shouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Find out how you can make cost-effective calls without an internet connection.

WiFi or Mobile Data

With WiFi or Mobile Data, you can use the ChilliTalk app to make phone calls absolutely free. This is certainly an added advantage if your service provider also gives you unlimited internet for your device.

All you need to do is download the free app for your device and invite your family and friends along to get ChilliTalking! Don’t forget the additional £5 credit that you can earn, every time someone you invited signs up to our application and successfully tops up for £10 or more. Imagine how many free calls you could earn this way!

International Call at Local Rates

With ChilliTalk’s access numbers, you can make international calls at local rates. This essentially means that if your service provider is offering you free local minutes, you can convert these local minutes into cheap international minutes. To do this, you only have to dial the access number of the country you are in; once your call is locally connected, dial the international number with the correct country code.

With ChilliTalk, you can also send international SMS’s as cheaply as 5p/text.

So get ChilliTalking and get connecting!

Download ChilliTalk and you’ll have all you need on just the one app – free VoIP calls and IMs, cheap international phone rates, and the latest deals all sent straight to your smartphone!


*Calls are free only when calling another ChilliTalk user