Find the right free calling app for Bangladesh

Are you working abroad away from your family in Bangladesh? Maybe your son or daughter has recently just moved away? We know how important keeping in touch is.

Finding the right free calling app for Bangladesh lies at the heart of bridging the gap between you and your friends and family living abroad. The cheaper the calls, the more often you are able to make them.

With several years of experiences at the heart of the mobile industry, here at ChilliTalk we’re best placed to help you find the right free app to call Bangladesh!


What’s happened to international calling cards?

International calling cards have long been the default method of making calls across borders. Traditionally, we’ve purchased these cards from a local shop or newsagent, rang the number on the back, entered our PIN and then made our call.

Sales of these cards have begun to decline in many regions. And for those still using them to make calls back to Bangladesh, they could be losing out.


Why are people turning away from cards?

Purse strings are now tighter than ever. As the squeeze on our money continues, finding savings wherever we can is becoming increasingly vital.

With international calling cards to Bangladesh usually sold in batches of £5, £10 and £20, many of us are turning away from making these up-front contributions. For example, if we just want a quick five minute chat with one of our friends in Bangladesh, paying £20 for the privilege doesn’t seem so appealing.

But the key reason for the international calling card’s downfall, has been the rise in Smartphone users. From Derby to Dhaka and Kettering to Khulna, more of us than ever before now have access to a Smartphone.


Can a Smartphone really let me make a free call to Bangladesh?

Much depends on what app you’re using – but it is possible to easily make FREE calls to your loved ones on your Smartphone.

Popular apps such as Skype, Viber and KakaoTalk all allow you to make free calls from user-to-user. This means that if you want to make a free call to your family in Bangladesh, they’ll need to be using the same app on their phone.


Do I need the internet to make these calls?

Although these apps let you make free calls, you’ll need to have access to either a data plan or WiFi on your Smartphone in order to make it work.

Like ChilliTalk, some apps exist that enable switching between making free calls (over the internet) and traditional calls (over your network). By using a ‘local dialling’ feature, the app lets you enjoy call rates of 1p/min for when the internet is not available!


How can I find and use these apps?

Finding the right app to make free calls to Bangladesh is easy:

- Open the App Store/Play Store on your Smartphone

- Search for the app that you want (e.g. ChilliTalk or Skype)

- Once downloaded, open the app and follow the instructions to sign up (this is free but will require an email address)

- Import your phone contacts, find your friends and start calling


Making a free call to Bangladesh really is that easy!

To maximise free calls, it’s important to try and ensure all of your friends and family are using the same service. For when this isn’t the case, a hybrid service such as our ChilliTalk app might be the most flexible option.

So what are you waiting for? Download a free calling app — start connecting with the ones you love in Bangladesh today!