Find the best way to call Pakistan from abroad

If you live abroad but have friends and family back home in Pakistan, finding the easiest, cheapest way of staying in touch with them can be difficult. Most people have a smartphone now, which makes communication a lot simpler but for those that don’t the only options can be expensive. There have to be some better alternatives!


Using a computer or smartphone

There are many apps and services currently on offer that use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that allows you to send free calls and texts over the internet. In theory, this sounds great but many apps only work on certain platforms and the quality of the calls varies from location to location, especially when you’re phoning internationally. Here’s a selection of commonly-used apps and the pros and cons of each.

Skype – Popular and reliable, but only handles Skype-to-Skype users. International calling costs can be expensive.

FaceTime – Only available on Apple products. Also, expensive international call charges

Messenger – This has only just made VoIP calling available and can be a bit unreliable. But the IM service is good and you no longer need a Facebook profile to use it.

O2 TU – Only available to O2 customers, but can be used to make calls to anyone. However, their calling rates are very high.

ChilliTalk ­– Has the connectivity of Skype and FaceTime, but much lower call rates. You can choose to switch between ‘Free’ and ‘Cheap’ calls whenever you want so you’ll never accidently end up paying.


Without a computer or smartphone

If the person you’re calling in Pakistan doesn’t have access to a smartphone or computer, your options are more limited. The traditional method is to use calling cards or prepaid SIMs. Again, these vary with price and usage but more people now use the international calling function on whatever VoIP app they use.

This means that they don’t check the prices compared to others on the market and end up paying premium prices for the sake of ease.

Have a look at ChilliTalk – aside from the app’s VoIP functionality, its international calling prices are so much cheaper than any others. Calls to Pakistan are just 1p/min!


The overall winner...

... has to be ChilliTalk! You’ll have all you need on just the one app – free VoIP calls and IMs, cheap international phone rates and the latest deals all sent straight to your smartphone!


;color:black'>The Verdict


There are many products in the market that allow users to call India on their mobile phones. But the best free phone call app for India? For ultimate flexibility, it has to be ChilliTalk!

*Calls are free only when calling another ChilliTalk user