Find the best free Windows app for calling Pakistan

Windows Smartphones currently dominate the Pakistani market, boasting over 50 per cent of the market share[1], if you’ve recently emigrated from Pakistan the chances are you have got a Windows Smartphone.

So if you’re currently working far away from home, what’s the best way to keep in contact with your friends and family?

Windows Smartphones offer a range of calling apps to help users make free and easy calls around the world. But what is the best free Windows app for calling Pakistan?

We’ve picked three of the top free calling apps to help you find a service that fits your individual needs.


Free Talk

Free Talk is one of the longest-running free call apps for Windows Smartphones. Renowned for its simplicity and ease of use, Free Talk features a straightforward interface and is extremely quick to install.

- This app uses the Google Voice service (accessible if you have a Gmail account) to make free calls and messages from your Windows Phone to Pakistan

- Calls can be made to landlines and other networks with the use of credits

- One downside is that you must use the paid version to receive push notifications

- Additionally, if you’re not currently working in the United States, the Google Voice functionality may not work



Viber is a hugely successful free Windows app for calling Pakistan and beyond. One of the longest-standing instant messaging applications around, you can find Viber on an extremely wide range of devices and operating systems.

- Viber is currently used by over 100million people worldwide, meaning some of your friends and family may already be using it

- The application is available on both desktop (Windows and OS X) and mobile (Android, iOS and Windows) – offering you plenty of choice upon how you wish to keep in contact

- Some bloggers have however criticised Viber’s privacy credentials — additionally, call rates to non Viber users are unfavourable when compared with some of its rivals



A recent development on the Windows free calling app market, ChilliTalk offers users an uncomplicated and easy way of making free calls back to Pakistan. Featuring a simple user interface and the option of excellent call rates for when internet is unavailable, ChilliTalk is a great all-round app.

- Calls and messages between ChilliTalk users using the app are completely free

- When WiFi or mobile data are not available, an easy-to-use local dialling facility offers users great rates to call landline and mobile numbers

- With rates starting from just 1¢/min to landline numbers in Pakistan, users don’t need to worry if they cannot access the internet


Whether you hail from Hyderabad or Islamabad, keeping in close contact with those at home is absolutely vital.

Back in Pakistan, with the popularity of Windows Phones showing no sign of slowing down, the choice of free calling apps will only increase – meaning it’s important to pick one for the long term. So choose carefully, think about the need for calls outside of your data allowance, and be sure to persuade all of your loved ones to use the same app!