What’s the Easiest Way to Call Abroad from the USA?

Moving to the United States can bring life-changing benefits for those seeking a new beginning. But once we’ve made the move, finding the easiest way to call abroad from the USA can often prove difficult.

From India and Indonesia, to Venezuela and Vietnam, the USA is home to one of the biggest migrant populations in the world. But while the working rewards are often extremely high, staying in contact with friends and family can be a challenge.

Keeping track of what’s going on with loved ones back at home is vital to remaining healthy and happy in your new adopted country. And with our help, you can find a calling method that works best for you – allowing you to talk to anyone you want, from wherever you want!


The importance of flexible calling

For many of us wanting to call our family back in our home countries, the calling methods of old simply don’t work as well.

International calling cards are everywhere in the United States.  They’re a time-tested, easily recogniseable method of making calls abroad. But in today’s world, is this really  the easiest method of making calls back to the USA?

With more us on the move than ever before, trying to find a store that sells international calling cards is not a good fit for our busy lifestyles. Topping up $10 or $20 each time when we may only want to make a quick call home, is also inconvenient. We now need a more flexible way of making calls abroad from the USA.


Finding a Call Method that Suits your Lifestyle

Luckily for us, traditional calling cards no longer represent the be all and end all of calling abroad. There is now a wide array of options open to users. Let’s look at them in a little more detail:

Mobile Carriers

Using your mobile carrier, such as Verizon or AT&T, arguably remains the most convenient way of calling your family abroad. Although this means you don’t need to use a spare phone, and you can call from almost anywhere in the United States, call costs outside of North America can be extortionate – even with specialist foreign call packages.

Value Rating: 3/10


Online Calling Cards

Online calling cards offer users a more flexible alternative than traditional versions, with the main plus point the ability to top your card over the internet. Although call rates are far cheaper than anything mobile carriers can offer, users can still only purchase credit in denominations – usually 10, 20, 50 and above.

Value Rating: 6/10


VoIP Apps

-VoIP apps offer users a flexible and low-cost alternative to make calls abroad. Take our app ChilliTalk for example – although you and your loved ones will need to download it onto your smartphones, users can enjoy free calls and texts to other users. You’ll need a data plan/WiFi connection to do this, but when the web isn’t available users can access extraordinarily low calling rates.

Value Rating: 9/10


Enjoying Easier Calls Abroad from the USA

Making calls from the USA doesn’t need to aN arduous task. As you see, we now have more choice than ever before when it comes to finding the right way of calling, and with the rise of VoIP apps showing no sign of slowing down, making free calls means we can now speak to the ones we love for longer, but cheaper!

So what are you waiting for? Find the way of calling that best suits you, and talk to friends and family back at home today!