Want to save money on international calling?


Keeping in touch with friends and family, or making business calls, can be expensive when you travel abroad or move to a new country. With the help of our quick and simple international calling app ChilliTalk, you can save yourself from having to pay such high rates!

The telecommunications market has always been progressive, adapting itself to changes in our lifestyle. Travelling abroad isn’t just about lavish business trips any more. Likewise, communication should not have to be a luxury expense.



With new and innovative technology, telecommunication service providers these days ensure their customers can easily communicate with their near and dear ones or make business calls by using VoIP technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) enables cost-effective voice transfer to various countries over an internet connection.


WiFi or Mobile Data

Applications which use WiFi or your mobile data to enable cheap calling to international destinations tend to give you the most reasonable rates for your calls.

Calling apps have changed the way we communicate. For example – Skype, which is owned by Microsoft, enables its users to make calls to various destinations by buying Skype credit. You may then either subscribe to destination-based bundles, or simply call using pay-as-you-go rates.

WhatsApp, another famous app, revolutionised the short message service with voice messages, emoticons, photo sharing and so on. With its recent update, you can also make international calls using the WhatsApp calling feature.


No internet? Make calls on the go!

While most applications limit your communication activities, if you are stranded without WiFi or mobile data, our app ChilliTalk enables you to keep in touch irrespective of whether you have internet for your device or not. All you need to do is download the ChilliTalk application and connect using Wifi or Mobile data, or simply dial the access number to make calls without internet. It evens lets you have the first call for free!

The access code is a unique number provided to you which is charged at local calling rates. With this access code you can dial the international country code followed by the number you want to connect to, just as if you’re talking on the phone! With no problems with low internet reception, there’s no hassle!

 Enjoy the flavour of ChilliTalk — get connected at pocket-friendly prices.