Make Free Calls from the USA to South America

Over the last few years, many people have immigrated to the US from South America. This means there are more people than ever needing to call family and friends back home. There are a huge number of different ways to do this – from traditional phone calls to calling cards, pre-paid SIMs and VoIP calls.


First of all, let’s go over the different ways you can make free calls:

Computer-to-computer: If both you, and the person you’re calling are using the same service (i.e. Skype), you can call each other over the internet

Smartphone-to-smartphone: Similarly, you can use a free-calling app on your smartphone to call someone on theirs. This uses either an internet connection or your data plan.

Computer-to-smartphone/smartphone-to-computer: Again, this is free both ways if you’re using the same service. However, if you’re calling a landline or non-smartphone mobile it will cost you.

With these in mind, making free calls really depends on having an internet connection. There are also only a few services that let you make computer-to-smartphone calls, and these will often include hidden costs and charges. For a start, you’ll be having to pay for the internet in the first place.

Call-quality changes from service to service, but international calls will often be more likely to drop, especially during heavy-traffic hours.


So, what are the choices?

Aside from the standard internet-calling apps like Skype, Viber, Messenger and FaceTime, there’s a new contender on the market. Our ChilliTalk app works across most smartphone systems and PCs. Not only does it handle free VoIP calls over the internet, but it lets you make incredibly cheap calls to landlines and standard mobiles. You really can do anything with it; top up immediately or switch quickly and easily between using internet connectivity and mobile data. This way, you can call other ChilliTalk users for free or landline numbers if your recipient doesn’t have a smartphone.

Calling South America from the USA is no problem either – call quality is crystal-clear no matter how far from home you are. Download today and see for yourself.