The Lowdown on the Top 5 Free Mobile Apps for Making Calls to the USA

Technology today means free calls home are easy. To help you move away from costly international call cards, we’ve compiled this list of the top 5 free mobiles apps to call the USA! No matter what operating system you use, we’ve got it covered.


It Shouldn’t be Expensive to Phone Home!

The USA is home to one of the globe’s biggest immigrant populations. From Australia and Angola, to Venezuela and Vietnam, people from every corner of the world can be found working in the world’s biggest economy.

But with such a large immigrant population, comes a huge desire to keep in touch with those at home.

Where once the international call card reigned king, today it’s the free mobile call app that’s our most popular choice to call loved ones in the US. The question is, what’s the best one to use?



Viber boasts a dedicated and loyal user base across the world. Originally a small Israeli/Belarusian start-up, Viber now operates in 30 languages across iPhone, Android and Windows operated devices. Although the app offers good call quality, a recent secure messaging scorecard gave the app 1 out of 7 for secure messaging.



Incredibly popular in Asia, KakaoTalk offers free voice calls to other users – no matter where they are in the world. Packed with other fun features such as stickers and games, this app offers something a little different for those wanting more than just calls.


FaceTime Audio

If you own an iPhone, then the chances are you’ve used FaceTime. Far from just being an app to make video calls, FaceTime also offers an extremely effective audio-only function. Pre-installed on all iPhones, the FaceTime app can make audio-only calls by tapping the telephone icon next to a contact’s name. The downside? FaceTime audio only works with other Apple devices.



Skype is one of the oldest mobile phone calling apps available on the market. Sturdy and easy-to-use, the Microsoft-owned company remains one of the most popular ways to make free calls to the USA. With a huge user base, the chances are many of your friends and family may already be using this app. Many users however, continue to complain about poor call quality.



ChillITalk is our new, innovative and easy-to-use app that offers real flexibility when calling to the USA.  Featuring free calls and messages from user-to-user, ChilliTalk also offers an innovative ‘local dialling’ option.  With this function, users are able to dial friends and family by using a ‘local’ number generated by the app. This allows them access to rates as cheap as 1c/per minute.


So you’re spoiled for choice when choosing the right free calling app to the USA.