How to make cheap international calls while you’re travelling

Travelling to the UK? Here’s how you can save at least £500 on your London trip by pre-purchasing these must-have products.


Oyster Card

A local travel card to be used for your bus, tube and ferry travel — it’s must have for every traveller. Having an Oyster card will not only save you a lot of time, but also help you to avoid unnecessary expenses. Don’t forget to get your £5 refund when you return your Oyster card before leaving London.

Tube Map

Yes, we all have smart phones and applications. Also, thanks to the TFL, London transport is far more organized compared to most cosmopolitan cities. However, for convenience, it’s always advisable to carry a handy London tube map wherever you go.

The London Pass

The London Pass offers you entry into more than 60 must-see places in and around London. For only £116, you get entry to attractions totalling more than £500. Not just that, but you also save a lot of time since it provides fast track entries at most destinations.



If you are travelling in London, you are bound to need to rest and refuel between your shopping and touring breaks. Also, with so many great restaurants, who wouldn’t want to? Although a Tastecard normally takes a week to arrive, once you have an address in London, you can book yourself a virtual card which can then be used through the Tastecard app on your smartphone.

With a Tastecard, you can get up 50% discounts and 2 for 1 offers at more than 1000 restaurants in London. Imagine how much you could save with that!


ChilliTalk’s international calling app

With the ChilliTalk app you can indulge your friends and family back home with all your amazing news from your travel adventures, without worrying about the price of international calls!

Simply use your nearest free WiFi spot, or use data provided by your mobile phone service provider, and enjoy cheap international calls. No internet connection? Don’t stress — the unique feature of a local access number also allows you to make calls for next to nothing.

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