How Can I Make International Calls to India?

If you’re one of the many millions of Indians spending long periods of time away from home, it’s likely you’ll want to be able to make international calls.

There are many different ways to make an international call to India, some services even get you connected for free! 

Calls to India

If you’re living somewhere such as the UK, and a staggering 6,640 miles away from India, a good service is vital in enabling you to stay connected with friends and family.

Whether it’s simply calling home to wish someone a quick happy birthday, or a leisurely chat to family on the weekend, phoning home shouldn’t be a difficult task.

No matter what phone or computer you own, there are a range of options available to suit budgets of all sizes.

International Calling Cards

One of the most traditional ways of contacting India and further abroad, international calling cards are still a popular method of calling home.

Available in most newsagents and supermarkets, these cards can be purchased in dominations of £5, £10 & £20. To use this method simply call the free number on the front of the card, and when promted dial in the PIN which is also listed. After this, you’ll be able to call your number (remember to use the +91 extension).

TIP: International calling cards can often be saddled with hidden costs such as hang-up & start fees. Always check for hidden costs before using these type of cards.

International SIM cards

These are a far better long-term solution than international calling cards, which often come at an inflated price. 

Companies such as Vectone Mobile offer fantastic rates on pay as you go and pay monthly deals specifically tailored for making an international call to India – with calls as low as 1p a minute.

These SIM cards are great for those who have a dedicated spare phone they can use to call home. Although better value can be found in pay monthly packages, the option of pay as you go offers real flexibility to those who may not be calling back to India quite as frequently.

TIP:  If you only own one phone with a local SIM card inside, international SIM cards may not be practical to making several calls/texts to India per day.

Smartphone Apps

This is an increasingly popular way to make a cheap international call to India and across the world.

By downloading an application such as Skype or ChillTalk from your mobile phone, you are able to make free calls and messages to others using the same app. Services such as ChilliTalk also allow you to use a ‘local dialling’ feature when internet access isn’t available — unlocking fantastic call rates for when the internet is unavailable.

TIP: Smartphone apps are arguably the best all round option for those looking for ultimate flexibility.