The Cheapest Way to Make International Calls from the UK

Making international calls from the UK? ChilliTalk gives you the cheapest calling rates.
See how you can make international calls from the UK without breaking the bank.

Landline Provider

Leading landline providers in the UK allow you one international number with a one-time monthly fee. Alternatively, you can get low cost international calls by paying a monthly fee to your service provider, but this obviously depends on your particular provider.

Mobile Phone

Mobile telecommunication service providers such as Vodafone, charge about £1.50/min for international calls. Of course, these call charges vary depending on where you’re calling from.

Alternatively, other companies such as Vectone Mobile exclusively focus on cheap international calling rates and offer monthly deals for local minutes, international minutes and mobile data.

Social Applications

Social applications such as Skype, Viber and WhatsApp enable free calls to international numbers from some countries using the VoIP feature. However, this restricts your calling activity since you’ll need to ensure that the person you’re phoning also has a smartphone with good internet connectivity. Furthermore, if you’re out and about without unlimited data, you’ll be incurring roaming charges, meaning a huge bill at the end of the month!

Calling Cards

There’s a lot of choice for calling card service providers, but many of these will charge you for the minutes you don’t even use and for unanswered calls.

With a ChilliTalk calling card, you’ll always get the full credit value when you top up using various country specific bundles. You’ll also be paying only for successfully-made calls.

To get ChilliTalk, you can either download the app and make calls using the VoIP feature or use the access number to make calls at local rates.  When you’re making calls at local rates, the person you are calling does not need to have the application or a smartphone in order to answer your calls. The only charges you pay to use this service are the local call rates which most of the service providers offer as unlimited.

Free international Calls from ChilliTalk to ChilliTalk

If you and the person you’re calling have a good internet connection, you can talk to them for free! Otherwise, you can still make cheap international calls by using ChilliTalk’s access number feature. This allows you to call a local number based in the UK, and then dial the international number: your international calls cost next to nothing.

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