The Best Way to Call Bangladesh from the USA

Whether it is for work opportunities, or further education, more people than ever are emigrating from Bangladesh to the USA. 

If you’re someone that has recently moved from Bangladesh, you will understand that one of the hardest things about leaving home is not being able to easily keep in contact with your family and friends. 

So what are your options?

The Best Choices: Paid vs. Free Services

When you’re thinking about making international calls, there are a couple of things to consider. Many services offer calling cards and SIMs with credit you can top up and use to phone abroad. Sometimes, they’ll also provide you with a number that’s local to Bangladesh, allowing you to reduce the cost of your calls.

Then there are VoIP-based services such as Skype and FaceTime. These are generally free and can handle phone calls, but are geared more towards video-calling.

There are a huge number of companies trying to convince you that they have the best deals, and the cheapest prices. This can be overwhelming, especially if you’re really just looking for the simplest way to phone home at a reasonable price.

The Most Minutes For Your Money

Why choose ChilliTalk? Let’s have a look at some of the other leading brands in the market.

Lycamobile — they advertise rates of 1¢/min and 12¢ for each SMS.

Rebtel —  they have several different rates and offers, from 1.6¢/min to 3.6¢/min.

How do we measure up? Our standard rates are also 1¢/min, but our texts are only 6¢ each! We also give you your first call for nothing — just to welcome you to the app!

FREE Services

Skype — a standard video call to users is free, but quality can vary vastly over large distances. If you want to call a non-Skype user, you have to buy credit which isn’t cheap.

FaceTime — is only available for iPhone users. You’re also charged for the amount of data you use during calls.

Why use ChilliTalk? Our smartphone app is available across all systems. Much like Skype, it’s free between users, but we don’t charge you as much if you want to make calls to landline or mobile numbers. Giving a wider audience more access to great call-quality, and at a competitive rate!