Chillitalk Rates

Are the rates different if I call a mobile or landline?

In most countries, calls to mobile phones cost a little more. Rates are always clearly published on our website so check to be sure.

Are there any additional charges or hidden fees?

No, we only charge what we tell you. When you make a payment, we give you the full amount as calling credit, and we’ll only charge you the ‘per minute’ rate for calls. There are no connection charges, maintenance or service charges or other hidden costs.

Is there a different rate depending on whether I call from a landline or my mobile?

No, there is no difference. You’ll get the same low rate whether you use a landline or your mobile phone.

Why can I make free calls to ChilliTalk users, yet I’m charged for other calls?

Calls to other ChilliTalk users are free because they’re not made like regular phone calls. They are made using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These calls don’t require that you have the other user’s phone number. As long as you are both using the ChilliTalk app then we can make a connection between the two of you.

Will I be charged by my landline phone carrier for calling your access numbers?

Your access numbers are local landline numbers so they should be included in any free minutes you have from your service provider. If you don’t have any inclusive minutes you should be charged at your provider’s usual landline rate.

Will my phone carrier charge me when I call from my mobile using ChilliTalk?

No. If you have unlimited calling minutes, you should not be charged by your phone carrier. Otherwise, ChilliTalk Local Number calls are charged by your phone carrier as a local call.
If you use the ChilliTalk App, you can choose to make a call using the internet instead of a local Number. This means that you will be charged for the data but not for a local call. If you have an unlimited data plan, your phone carrier will not charge you. If you call using the internet and do not have an unlimited data plan, your phone carrier will charge you as they normally do for data usage.